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Flyer & Magazine Design

A collection of print based graphics on both Flyer, Magazine, Book and Multimedia Formats.

Ranging from Magazine concept design to freelance work for live companies. 


This University project was to expand upon a section out of my dissertation (British Vogue Covers), I chose to do the definition of beauty and what actually defines ugliness. So throughout my process I have argued my message ‘Can ugly be beautiful’. Beauty is a social construction which is defined by the beholder, someone’s ugly is another person’s beautiful. Social media has had a huge impact on how we define what beauty is, in particular famous people and idols across the media make people psychologically believe someone is beautiful depending on how popular they are in regards to how they are portrayed in the media. 

My visual outcome is a magazine cover that use the contrast between the photography that has their own uniqueness along with headers that provoke and attack the cover overall. Alongside I have produced spreads that do a similar job but using my own written articles along with found interviews.


Dis-Grace was the first and only all women run rock, metal and alternative event that ran in the UK.

I was their Graphic Designer, in which I created their promotional material for events on formats such as flyers/ posters/ banners and more.


University project on a book The Castle with the Three Windows, a story about not to judge a book by it’s cover. With this project I created a book entirely made out of glass using three main colours, to represent the three windows and inside illustrations that relate back to the story in a black and white ink style.


A University project where I re-designed the book cover for A Clockwork Orange, throughout this brief, my theme that I kept with throughout was the music within the book.

The music has a big impact on the way Alex feels and reacts, particular Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and how in the end the government actually use this beautifully constructed piece of music against him, sending him insane and physically sick at the sound of something he loves. 

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